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    Man needs God, but there is one God, one religion one world 

There is only one God throughout the universe and God is the life-force of the whole universe, every living thing is part of God life force and no living thing can exist without God, because God is life itself.

So, there cannot be life if there is no God or god life force, which by default we would call God?

Now that we have said that you can see that this new way of seeing God, it does not make God any less important than our old accepted way of an omnipotent God. However, God in these descriptions is not the creator of everything, but God is only the creator of the spiritual and existing life as we know it. Or, God is the starting life-force that has made life possible on earth, then, Mother Nature herself is part of God life-force and came about just because the life force energies of God made her so.

                                                                              OPENING PUBLIC RECONCILIATION FORUM 

Dear readers, in this article, we would like to welcome and invite you to follow us, hoping that we can interest you with the articles that we are writing. Now, this version that we are writing here is a compact version of our religious writings. You can read the full version by clicking on the links pasted here-in.
We believe that this “public reconciliation forum” that we have opened here, we have opened it in good faith for the future benefit of mankind. Anyhow this is our intention and we will try to do that. So, we hope that the public will like our forum discussions.
The word forum comes from the Latin, it is a place where people meet openly and discuss many issues. Today people can still visit the old Forum of Rome, where people used to go and discuss openly many social and even personal matters. Of course, today we don’t need to go to a forum, like a plaza or city square to discuss our issues, because we can discuss many things with our electronic devices, including the Internet that has many open public forums in it. So, anybody that has an opinion can have their say.
Our aim is that we are going to publish some idealistic religious articles, these articles are aimed at improving our human lives, so, we are writing these articles, because we believe that a man has got to do what he believes has got to be done, as we have written in our article, the duty of any man. (links to full version,, or, An old man life story ).
This could or would be the duty of any human being
I have reasons to believe that anyone of us has a story to tell, or our beliefs to share, and by doing so, we can contribute to the betterment of all humanity, and that could or would be the duty of any human being, even if it is done in a small way, because that is as much as we can personally contribute. Anything at all that we can contribute should be accepted from the community with gratitude.
Therefore, if we really are willing to contribute, we need to make our own contribution; it does not need to be a great contribution, because we can only contribute per our own means and understanding of the situation we are in; it does not need to be money, or other earthly assets that we own, if we don’t have enough of it for ourselves. Anyhow that is not the only thing that is needed in life, but if you can afford to do it, it would be welcome by the community. You see, it is the accumulated human knowledge that helps humanity to improve, therefore the best contribution that a person can give is to share the knowledge we have gained during our lives, whatever that knowledge can be. Anyhow, in this compact version, we believe that we should write openly about our religious beliefs, because we believe that we can put forward suggestions that could help to solve some religious problems that exist today, like we are going to discuss in our, “Religious reconciliation forum”, written hereunder.
Religious reconciliation forum
Dear readers, in our opening, Public Reconciliation Forum, we have talked about several issues. Because we believe that people need to discuss these issues to solve them, and to introduce the idea for our religious discussions.
Now, this article is the beginning of our Religious Reconciliation Forum; we believe that we need religions, but today religions have a few things that are out of date, because terrible things can happen that involves religions. Our views are that it is possible to adjust religious beliefs in such a way that these terrible things don’t happen anymore.
We believe that humanity has always needed religions. To prove our point, we must follow religious events to see how many people are interested in God and religions, thousands and thousands of religious people come to important religious events. Because religions were and are important to people, since it gives people a sense of belonging to a group of other people. Therefore, we will continue to believe in God and religions for a very long time.
Since we believe that we need God and religions, let us continue to assume that God/s exist just the ways most of the world population believe. Sometimes we may feel confused, because there are too many religions and Gods have different names, like; Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, all being names of the same Abraham’s God, of course there are other gods from other religions as well, so, we should add to this list at least the Hindus gods Braham, Vishnu and Shiva plus others.
Anyhow I believe that religions are useful to all humanity, some religions might seem strange to us who believe in Christianity and other religions that follow the God of Abraham. So, we suggest that you check this link below to see some of the Indian religions:
Millions of Hindus plunge into Ganges River in India to wash away ...,
Therefore, we need religions, because religions are useful to humanity, since they are supposed to guide humanity in a peaceful way, if religions are not able to guide people in peaceful way, then religions are useless to humanity. So, let us discuss today religions.
Discussing religions of today
Today it is obvious that religions are not perfect, therefore, we need to discuss these religious issues with other people, we need to discuss them as the philosophers do, even if our religious beliefs will make it hard for us to do so; but we need to do something about it. Anyhow, we could start with 20% philosophy and 80% religion or just plain theology, and then our discussions can become more philosophy than religion.
Now, to explain these religious issues clearly, we need to look at least to the major existing religions closely. To achieve that we need to go over our human history, to see how and why humanity believes in God, and why Man needs God and religions, and many other religious issues.
In this religious forum, we will be talking about several issues: God and religious beliefs; looking for religious reconciliation; our religious reconciliation forum; Religions and how they serve humanity; do we need a super God; more discussion about a super God; religions and why we need them; who are the atheists; other religious problems briefly.
Then, we need to look at what is happening in the world, hereunder is a link that can explain what is happening. Of course, there are worse things happening like killing the innocent people.
Middle East in Prophecy - What Does the Future Hold?
There are other religious problems as well. But let us look at our article God and religious beliefs.
God and religious beliefs
Now, hereunder we are writing a sort of index of what we want or need to talk about.
About God and religious beliefs
This group could be divided in three smaller groups:
Religious group 1; about old religions and the inborn need that humanity has had for them;
Religious group 2; Today existing religions and how they serve humanity;
Religious group 3; should there be a super religion to help humanity in the future?
These are some of the articles that we are going to start talking about in our religious articles: So, let us see what can be said or done about these religious issues, and may God help us to find some religious solutions?
Looking for religious solutions
We the people of this world have leaned many things during our lives, because we are able thinking creatures, so, by observing what is around us and asking ourselves many questions, we have reasons to believe that we live a double life, one of our lives is physical and the other is spiritual; because of our double life we continually ask ourselves many questions, in the hope that one day we have a clear answer, whenever that answer will be.
Anyhow, to live a meaningful life, we should try to find a way how to be reconciled with everything around us starting with our fellow man; at the same time we should try to live in harmony with our environment, so, we should learn how to live according to Mother Nature, in such a way that we don’t harm our environment, and the most important part is that we should learn that we have to live according to God’s will, since we believe that God exists, this God we believe in is the life giver and master of the entire universe.
Anyhow, we are looking on how to achieve these reconciliations, and in these religious writings we have already published several other articles about it, here under are some of our articles links: some other links might be added to this site when we publish them.
Religious options of the future, Prayers for Reconciliation Prayers of Reconciliation
Angels, Saints and human souls Nature of the Universe and earth, God of the universe
As we have said above, we are looking to achieve some religious reconciliations, in our religious reconciliation forum.
Our religious reconciliation forum
Let us talk about God and religious beliefs
When we think about God and religions, there are times when we believe that God is up there looking at every move that we make, but there are times when we think that God does not exist, this has been humanity dilemma from the very beginning of times; this issue about the existence of God has been forever open to doubts, and it will be so for a long time in the future, because the whole question must come down to whether God exist or not, because God can be an invention of our human mind, because of our need to believe in the existence of God and a spiritual world; since God is so important in our subconscious that we must believe in God.

Well, there is no clear answer about this belief, therefore the answer must be; because man needs God, as it is shown in our religious history. We believe the need that we have for a God, it has happened because of our inner fear of the unknown. It is our human nature to feel this fear of the unknown and it is good because it helps us survive.
Therefore, The origin of religion, may well be an extended reaction to our inner fear, which we try to control by using our reasoning mind. So, when we are facing unexplainable things that bring fears into our hearts, we want security; for this reason, we invented God and believe in God.
But the fact remains that man needs God.
As I have said; man needs God, and God needs man.
Therefore, we believe that religions are an inborn need for humanity to overcome their inner fears, whatever these fears may be and wherever they come from.
There are so many Greek gods and Roman gods in the history books of those times. Now, I have found this link that will give you some knowledge about those gods and goddesses of the past; , as you can see religions have existed for a very long time and will continue to exist in the future, so, let us discuss what is their role and how religions serve humanity.
Let us look at today’s religions and how they serve humanity
When we talk about religions I mean those religions that we use today. I believe that today some religions are not doing a good job in guiding humanity safely together, as they are supposed to do, since religions are supposed to be that universal law that guides humanity, in a peaceful and safe way; so that, we could live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world communities.
We have reasons to believe, that this could be due to the fact, that there are too many religions in this world, and each one of them has its own ideology that had been set at the time when they started, most of them were started in a way that would serve only their community. For this reason, in the past they have been fighting each other for many reasons including their religious ideology, some of them are still fighting today and they have made many mistakes, so, nowadays they still cannot trust each other very much, even though some leaders of major religions are trying to improve the situation, by trying to get the other religions to talk about how to reach some religious agreement or reconciliation.
So, what can anyone do to solve this religious problem we could ask?
In our own imagination, we believe that we need a super God to achieve worldwide reconciliation. But that might be hard to explain and to convince the public.
Anyhow, let us just imagine that there could be a Super-God, that all existing religious people could believe to be true; this super God is a link that is able to link all existing religions together, therefore, now let us talk about the need of a super God and why.
We need a Super-God
We believe that to solve the existing religious problems, we need a Super-God; otherwise how we could feel safe enough in our own homes. So, we need this Super-God, and this Super-God must be above all other existing gods; so that he can link all existing gods together.
We believe that humanity still needs religion and God, or at least to believe that there is a superior divine force above, which would help and protect us in case of needs. Some people may not agree with that, but for the time being, let us talk about that we need a Super-God to solve our religious problems that we have today.
Discussions about a Super-God
Now, in our articles above, we have pointed out that today we have a religious situation, that is different from the past. We know that religions have been there for thousands of years just the way they are today; but in the past religions worked well when they were isolated, for that reasons they were made the way they were made, however, they need to change because people mix too much with other people of different religions today, so, religions need a lot more tolerance built within them that allows people of different religions to live peacefully with other religious groups.
I believe that there are things that could be done or suggested, to improve the situation. But to tell you the truth I believe that there are two ways open to us: one way is to stop believing in God completely; the other way is to believe that there is a Super-God that can link all religions together and become one single religion, it is worth a try.
I have in mind this religious theory that includes the super God that we are talking about, I believe that my religious theory may very well be a lot closer to the truth of how God and religious things are, and if it is not, then anyone who wants to change it in the future is welcome to do so, by writing his own religious theory and showing us the mistakes, we have made? Now let us talk about why we have religions.
Religions and why we have them.
We must admit that people need a God and religions to guide them in their everyday lives, it has been so all the time; of course, sometimes this does not work the way that we want it to work. So, we would like to find a way that could improve our present religious situation.
Anyhow, when we talk about religious issues, the very first question that comes to our minds is this: is there really a god? Because religious people believe that there is God. Then, if there is a god what this god would be like? Is this god just the way it is believed to be in the Bible? So, let us try to understand what people believe.
Most people believe that God exists, in different ways in different religions; then, we find these two groups the believer and the unbelievers, Here I am talking about the theists and the atheists that stand in opposition to each other on religious matters.
Now we must say that the atheists do not see that they are doing any harm to religions, since the only thing that they state is that they do not believe that there is a god. But at the same time the atheists try to preach their own theory of not believing in God to the believers, by telling them that believing in God is more harm than good, so, it would be better if they forget about their God existence. This attitude that they have is as bad as those extremist religious believers, who go around preaching their own beliefs to such an extremity that would even kill you, if you do not agree with them, so, how do we decide who is better and who is worse, who is right and who is wrong. We know that most of us need God and religions, so, we will continue to believe in God and religions, as we have done in the past.
Now, let me explain, who are the Atheists?
The Atheists are those people that do not believe in God, because it does not make sense to them; they believe that there is no God and that God is all an invention of our forebears, because they did not know any better in those times. We must admit that they might be right, so, let us just imagine their theory of how these religious things evolved.
In the beginning somehow, somewhere, somebody started talking about the existence of God. Because they wanted to believe about God just because it was a higher power that could help them when they were in trouble; they also thought that there was some spiritual force and they had a soul, so that they would link to God spiritual force and live forever. Anyhow, the existence of God started somehow, and the people accepted it.
Now, it happened that once these beliefs of the existence of God became known, the community leader of those times found that by using these beliefs about God, they could control better their community, so, they used these religious beliefs to their own advantage.
We must admit that there is a chance that the atheists are right. But then, what about all those places of worship that people have built, and all these religious services that are still going on today, so, people believe that God exists.
We could say more about the atheists, but in this compact version we are not.
Other religious problems
As we have said, there are many religious issues that need to be solved, the biggest religious problem is caused by the religions themselves, because religions are somehow different to one another, so, humanity needs to look for ways how to solve this issue.
This is the reason why, I sometimes think that we need a God and religion, which is guided from a Super-God above all other Gods, who can connect all religion and people together; therefore in our next chapter we will be talking about God again; but this time God is going to be different from the God described in the Bible and this God could be even accepted by the atheists, because this God is not the creator of everything, but it is a God anyhow. You see, we really need to accept God because man needs God, as we have already said in these religious writings.
Here I have to say that sometimes I consider myself to be an agnostic person, because I don’t believe in God the way I have been taught when I was young, but at the same time I pray to God, even if the God I pray to, might be different from the God I was taught to pray, what I have just said may not make sense just now, but if one day I finish to write my religious writings it will make sense then.
Anyhow, I think that I have said enough in this very long chapter, so, see you next time in my next chapter called, Man needs God, including religious views and conversations.
May God guide and help us to sort these religious problems soon enough?
May God bless us all?