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God spiritual Universe


God exists for everybody

Describing God for everybody


We need a God for everybody

Welcome to our article (98) God exists for everybody

Dear readers, as the title of this article says God exists for everybody. Therefore, God is not just for you and me, or for a group of people that want God to be their exclusive God, so, they can use their God in their own twisted ways, as we can see this happening everyday of our lives, some people are even killing in the name of their God. Today it looks like that this is the sign of the times, when people go on killing other people and then they shout;

God is great!!!!! Just because they have killed somebody. 

(or perhaps we should say, Allah is great!!!!!!, since this is the name of their God that lets them kill other people in his name).

Looking at these horrible things happening, we must ask ourselves; are these extremist nuts, or brain washed, to believe that their God wants them to kill somebody?

When we hear, these things happening, we can only assume that there must be something wrong in their religion, or their religious teaching, because it is not possible, that a true God wants to kill people. So, we cannot believe that this is possible, because everything is negative and God is not like that.

Anyhow, we want to believe that there must be a God of love and justice, which would be above all other spiritual entities, because this God has no negatives. Therefore, this God loves everybody, and everybody is equal in his eyes. Now, this God does not kill anyone, because all existing life is part of God spiritual life; therefore, if there is a spiritual entity that allows killing in his/its name, it cannot be, or should not be called a God, it should be called a devilish-god or the devil himself.   

Now, let me explain, we believe that the role of religions, it is to guide people peacefully; therefore, in the hope that in the future we could help to stop these killings, and these horrible negative religious trend, which we believe it has been born from misrepresentation of God and religion; we are going to suggest here, how people should view God for everybody in the future. For a start, God needs to be a pantheistic God that is in everybody and everything; God needs to be a loving God, and more like Mother Nature that helps everything to survive and thrive. Now, to describe a God like that properly, it is going to be difficult and will take a long time. But because in these articles we want to make it brief, we are only going to describe that spiritual part of God, which will be as close as we can to the existing God that we believe in, so that people could see the link, between God and all existing religions.     

Now, because our suggestions are for the future, what we are going to describe here is ahead of our times, as we are trying to describe our God of the future; and because, what we are going to say in this religious article, it might not agree with the views of some of our readers; before we say anything, we would like to apologise, to those religious believers that believe in God the old way, because we have not been able to find a way, how to describe this God that exists for everybody the way that they would like to see God described.

Therefore, we are going to describe God for everybody in a new Spiritual way, because we have reasons to believe, that God exists for everybody and needs to be described as such. You see, it would be absurd to believe that God exists only for those that believe in God, as some people believe God is now. Because there is life on earth and whatever has made life possible on earth could be said to be part of God, so, we believe that God exists because life exists; for these reasons, we are going to describe this God of the universe, with the following description here under, and then, we will continue to describe and explain other religious issues, including some of the main issues that worry us all. But first let us describe how we see God of the universe for everybody.



God of the Universe

Our description of God of the universe

We believe that, there is only one God throughout the universe and God is the spiritual life force energies of the entire universe, it must be so, because there is no other way to explain how life came about on earth, therefore, we believe that there must be a God, which would represent all those positive life energies that make life possible on earth, and perhaps the entire universe; you see, these positive life energies could only be called God, because there is no other name to describe them with, so, God exists at least in the form of these positive life energies, which make life possible on earth. But at the same time, we believe that God exist also as described in the Bible, the Koran and other world religions as well, since God would represent the positive life energies, and therefore the souls of the people that have believed in God; as we are going to describe this God in more details as we go on writing these articles.


Now that we have described this God of the universe, the way that we believe God could be, it does not mean, that those gods that have been described in the Bible and other religious books do not exist, because we believe that they do also exist within the spiritual life forces energies of the universe, which we have described above.

Anyhow, let us explain the reason why we are writing this article, God exists for everybody, you see, we are writing this article, because we believe that humanity has used God and God existence, to the advantage of some special group of people; when in fact God exists for everybody, and not just some groups of people.

Today, the main groups that is using God to their advantage, and they are usually in the news are some Muslims groups, some of these extremist groups even kill in the name of their God, which in our view should never happen, because God is the creator of life and life itself, therefore, God could never want to kill a part of himself.

For this reason, we know that humanity has described God in several ways, one could even say, that humanity has described God in such a way that they would have an advantage for themselves, because that is the only way, that would explain the role of the several existing religions of today. We should say here, that this is one of the main issues that has influenced us to write these religious articles, and write about how we believe God should be described.

So, we have described our idealistic God above; but there is more to say, because some people see God in a very different way, of how most of us see God; whether they are write or wrong we do not know; but, we would like just to point out that there are other ways to describe God, as this photo here under shows one of those ways.

Having said that, now let me go back to our main issue, so let us try to explain our other religious points of view.



Our other religious points of view

Dear readers, we have been studying and writing religious issues for a few years already. In our studies, we have found that there are too many religions in the world, so, we have tried to understand the reason why it is so. The only reason that we could find, is that humanity needs religions and a God, if they didn’t need a god they would not have invented God, or several religions and God, and gods and goddesses, this human attitude has been so, since the beginning of our recorded times.

Dear religious believers, we know that now you are all upset, because we have said that humanity has invented God, when you believe that God really exists and we agree with you that God exists, or God could exist in many forms, since people believe in different gods. Therefore, give us the chance to explain, what we really wanted to say here; we did not want to say that God does not exist at all, like the atheist do; but, we wanted to say that humanity has described God in such a way, that their God would only help those that believe in that God, so, their God has been modified or invented to a certain degree to serve themselves only. We believe that this is the fundamental reason, why there are so many religions in the world today.

From what we have written here above, it is obvious that today religions are more or less set up, in a way that they could or would fight each other easily; because as we have said, they have been set that way when they were made. So, we have been thinking about what could be done to stop this religious negative issue. Here we have said negative issue, because religions bring also a lot of positive things in everyday life of their believers, therefore, it is worth to find a way of how to stop these negative religious issues wherever possible, and at the same time, try to keep those positive issues that help humanity.

So, what can be done, one may ask? To answer that question is not easy, if it was easy, it would have been done already from the previous generations, but, they have not been able to do it, because it is very difficult to do so; they also did not have the chance that we have today to learn about other religions, as we can easily do today. Having said that, now we could say that, the most important thing that we could do, is that humanity should try to describe a God that exists for everybody, because we believe that God really exists, therefore God needs only to be described in such a way that could be said, that this is the right sort of God for everybody, so, let us talk about this God that exists for everybody.

Therefore, now I am thinking what we have written at the beginning of this article, and asking myself, if it is the right description for this God for everybody, because I don’t know if what we have written above, is the best way to go about, but anyhow, I am forcing myself to write and say what I think, this God that exists for everybody needs to be like, to fulfil all those requirements that need to be fulfilled, in order that in the future, all humanity may believe in a single God, whom may be able to embrace all other existing religions and Gods, without upsetting religious believers, if this could be achieved, then, this single God, could indeed be the God that exists for everybody.

We believe that we have already written some of these religious articles that could explain that, but there are too many views and discussions in our long religious versions, so, they are hard to follow, therefore, we believe that we should keep these new descriptions, of this God that exists for everybody, in a very compact version, so, our readers would be able to follow us more easily; and then, one day we may add some links to out longer versions, which could be used as well, if our readers want to read them; you see, we need to keep these religious writing to a minimum, because today readers don’t seem to have much time and patience, to read very long religious issues, they want the result, as soon as they start reading an article. In order to keep them to a minimum, let us talk only about the spiritual side of God and God spiritual universe.

God and the spiritual Universe

Dear readers, we know that what we are going to say next, it is going to be too far away from the God we believe in today; so, some of you are not going to like it at all, but to achieve what we have set-up to achieve, we are going to do it anyhow. You see, we believe that God exists as the main spiritual life force energies of the universe, like what we have just written at the beginning of this article, which is a very shortened version of God, and the spiritual life forces energies of the universe. We know that this is only our vision, of how God could really be like, but has we have said at the beginning of this article; we believe that most civilizations needed a God and they made up their own God, so, their God was made up per what they needed most. In a parallel way, today the world would like to have a God, that is able to serve the entire planet earth and not just a group of people, so, we need to believe in a God, that is able to do that because we need a God that exists for everybody to achieve that.

Having said that, now we need to convince people that our religious views are worth trying, of course, that is not going to be easy, so, we need to explain many things, before they would accept our views, of our spiritual God that exists for everybody; we would like to say here also, that most times our religious articles are not pure religious beliefs or discussions, in fact they might be said that they are more philosophic discussions than religious, because we would like to back our religious beliefs, with what we believe it could really exist. So, let us say what we need to say, whether these discussions are philosophy or religion.

As we all know, religions are very complex, they are complex, because they have to fulfil at least two main issues; one of this issues, is that they have to be made in such a way, that people would believe what is being preached to them is true, the second most important issue is that they are a set of rules, that those people that belong to that religion should follow, so, the follower of those set of rules, should be able to live in peace with their fellow man; but there is more, as we are going to explain here-under.

As we have already explained at the beginning of this article, religions are man-made, and they have been made to serve the needs of their followers, so, in the past they were made to serve that group of people that would follow them, this would automatically exclude those people that would belong to another group; here we need to point out, that this old set-up of separatism is bringing trouble to the religious world today, as some extremist groups are able to use religions for their personal advantages. So, this religious world that exists today, needs to be looking for a different religious set-up, where the entire world, could be able to believe in the same God and religions together.

In order to believe to the same God and religion together, first we need to believe that God exists, because some atheists people believe that God is a complete lie; but we believe that God exists, and God could be described in a way, that even the most atheist blokes could and would accept this God; as you know, we have already describe this God at the beginning of this article, and we believe that even the atheists could accept that description of God.

Now, when we are writing religious issues, we have generally two ways that we could use, because in religious matters we have the physical side and the spiritual side, we can use any of them, to convince the people about the religious issue we are talking about. In this version that we are writing here, we are going to try to use mostly the spiritual side, we are doing this in the hope that we would be able to make our religious articles shorter. In this shortened version we will be talking about the spiritual universe side more than usual, but before we start to do that, we would like to bring to your attention something important, that we have learned when we have written our religious articles for the first time; so, we would like to state that in the future, it would be helpful, if all serious religious books would state in the first page, or in the first paragraph this phrase:

There is only one God throughout the universe, and God is the life essence of the entire universe.

This phrase above, is going to be the most important statement in all our religious articles of course, therefore all our religious articles, have been written to show our readers how our God of the universe can fulfils this part, and why it has to be like this, of course this has already been written in what we have already published in our hub, Reconciliation of the Universe, which could be part of these new shortened writings, because it is a very important article. Anyhow, we would have liked to say more, but as we have said, here we are going to write a shorter version of our religious writings, so, I believe that we have already said enough in this article, so, we will see you in our next article, where we are going to write about God and spiritual beliefs and other religious things.

May God bless us all?


God and spiritual beliefs

Our spiritual beliefs

Welcome to our article (99), God and spiritual beliefs

Dear readers, this is the continuation of our previous article, God exists for everybody; we are going to continue here with God and our spiritual beliefs, which in a way, they are our imaginary spiritual beliefs about God, written to overcome the atheists’ denial of God, and the terrorist use of God to satisfy their own greed. As you may know, we have written other religious articles, but, we are writing these three new religious articles, in the hope of finding a very short way to explain our modified religious beliefs, as we have explained above.  

Well, I have to say that, actually it is not just our religious beliefs that we want to explain here, because people sometimes do not care about what other people believe in; but, because we believe that our modified religious beliefs, as we have written them, even though they could be said to be different from everyday religions, they could solve some religious problems that involve all humanity these days, (namely the atheists and the terrorist), for this reason, we feel that we have to write and publish them; as we have pointed out in our previous article, we believe that it could be helpful if people take notice of what we are writing here, as it might help humanity, if it is applied the right way in the future.

You see, we believe that religions need to be modified, to fall in line with today way of life. Now, even though we believe in most religious spiritual things, which people believe exist today; but even though we believe that, those beliefs are not stopping us from believing that, it is necessary to modify, or perhaps redesigned religions, in such a way that all religions could become a single religion in the future, or at least they could be easily connected to the same super God of the universe, which represents all spiritual being in the universe, therefore, it is the life force energies of the entire universe that we believe exists; we are going to do that by starting to use what we have described in our previous article, God exists for everybody.

Now, that we have stated our main aim, which is that we are looking for a way that would unify all existing religions, let us describe briefly humanity beliefs and needs, because we believe that humanity needs God and religions. You see, as far as we know, humanity has always had the need to believe in spirituality and God, all known civilizations have had their god, goddesses and spiritual entities, as we all know from our human history, if we look for this information. Therefore, we may say that it is the way our human brain works, in fact, we need God and religions, as some of us know, even the great neurologist and psychiatrist Sigmund Freud said that we need a God, in one of his books. However here is one of his general beliefs about God and religions: (Sigmund Freud's views on religion, Freud regarded God as an illusion, based on the infantile need for a powerful father figure; religion, necessary to help us restrain violent impulses earlier in the development of civilization, can now be set aside in favour of reason and science.) But we believe that even a great man may sometime miss some discerptions, since somewhere else he says that Man needs God, and it would have been great, if a benevolent God existed the way we human want God to be. But anyhow, let us continue to describe how we see this spiritual situation that we are talking about here.

We need a God and religion that we believe would help us when we need help, we need a set of rules to follow, which religions provide easily and many other things as well. For instance, when we cannot explain easily certain things, we start thinking that there is something out there that we cannot see, but it exists in another form like spirits or angels or demons, whether these beliefs have come about because we have been exposed to these beliefs, because our forebears believed in them as well, it is hard to say, but this is the way that our brains seem to work. We also would like to believe that our souls are immortal, it is a good feeling to think that one could be immortal, so, for us it would be better, if the spiritual world really exists.

Therefore, let us talk about God and the spiritual dimension that we believe exist in the universe, starting with the ways that some of us believe these spiritual entities or things could and would exist, so, we might be able to find the link that links our lives and all the spiritual entities together, at the same time, let us look at how all this spiritual beliefs might have come about, because they are definitely beliefs, and they may or may not exist; since there is no real proof of their existence, except that there seems to be a widespread beliefs of their existence; so, because of this widespread belief, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension really exists. Once we have accepted that, we need to discuss how we can describe it; since we need to describe it in such a way, that all existing religions would be able to link together in the spiritual dimension, as we have said in our previous article, God exists for everybody.

Having said that, now we need to say, that these religious articles are being written on the assumption, that all the spiritual things or being that we believe in they really exit, even though we are going to have doubts sometimes, and therefore discuss their existence.

Discussions about the spiritual dimension

As we have already said above, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension exists; but does it exist, just because of our own human behaviour and beliefs, we do not know for sure. Therefore, we would also continue to question ourselves, whether the spiritual dimension is real, or it is all an invention of our human minds? Of course, as we have said already, we may have to accept that the spiritual dimension exists, because it would be helpful to humanity if it does exist.

Now, since we have decided that it would be better for us that this spiritual dimension exists, then, we have to decide what is the best way for us humans to proceed; would it be better for us to believe in spiritualty, God and religions just the way they are now? Or what else could be done to improve the present religious situation, since there are times when spiritualty or religious beliefs don’t seem to do their job properly. So, let us see what could be done, and how we can set religious things in such a way, that they could work better in the future.

In order to reinforce the need that something needs to be done, we need to go back again and again, to our human needs and spiritual beliefs; you see, we have already mentioned this many times, since the very beginning of time when mankind became able to think, we have always believed in some sort of spiritualty and gods, because we have not been able to escape the facts that whenever we cannot explain something, most of us if not all of us might start to think that perhaps there exists something that we cannot see, so, we start imagining lots of things that may or may not exist at all; this ability of thinking abstract things that we could not even see soon started the beliefs of a spiritual world.

We started to believe in this spiritual world, even though this spiritual world could not be seen from us humans, because they existed in another dimension, and they were invisible to us; but in our minds they existed and where more powerful than us, since we could not see them, but they could see us and if they wanted, they could help us or harm us; it was thus, that with these beliefs in our minds, we started our spirituality beliefs that later on became more complex, in the end we believed that there is a god or gods, and other spiritual beings and spiritual things as well.

In our own simple understanding, this is how and why religions started and continued to grow, as we can see from the many religions that exist today, and the religious books that they have brought about, like The Bible, The Koran, The laws of Manu and many other religious books. In our religious study, and religious articles that we have written, we discuss some of these issues; we have also written in one of our hubs in Hub Pages, about this spiritual need that we have; where you can check our hub, Man needs God, where we are able to explain a few human beliefs or things that we do and believe in.

All these things that we are talking about here, they belong to the spiritual world, that we also call the spiritual dimension. The spiritual dimension, is where we believe all spiritual being are staying; so, since we would like to use this spiritual dimension to describe to the world, how God and these spiritual being exist, we need to describe the best way we can how this spiritual dimension is, starting with a general description of this dimension here-under; and then in our next bub or article, we will try to describe it fully, in the shortest way possible and in a way that our own religious writings could be linked to it.


The spiritual dimension

The spiritual dimension in a nutshell, is the place where all spiritual being are supposed to be, they are in a different dimension than our dimension, so, we are not able to see them; but with our own human imagination, we should be able to describe them how they are in this dimension, and then, those links that we may have with them.

So, let us start from the beginning and explain what in our view is a dimension, and then how we see this issue; a dimension is one of those imaginary things that holds within it all those things that belong to that dimension. Now, since we want to talk about God and other spiritual being, which we believe that they are in the spiritual dimension, which is connected to our own dimension, because we believe that our souls can move from this world to the next, and therefore, from the living dimension to the dead dimension, we need to describe how this dimension works, so, the people could believe that it really exists, since it could exist.

To start with, in the universe, we believe that everything forms cycles, which go around and recycles what exists in that part of the universe; so, in order to describe our spiritual dimension, we need to describe how this spiritual system works. We believe that in a way we have already done that once, in our longer version of our religious writings, but we need to do it in a much shorter and clear version, because it would be easier to follow and understand.

In this description of our spiritual dimension, we are going to start with God being the central and most important part of the spiritual dimension, because God is the most important part, and then, we must go through everything else, and at the end come back to God again, so, a full circle or cycle is completed.

Because we want to make this part of our religious writings as short as possible, we are going to keep the description within here as short as possible also; but even though we want to keep them short, we need to talk about God the central life force of the entire universe, we need to talk about all other spiritual entities, like other gods that the people believe in, the angels whether they are on God side or at the opposite side, the saints, the souls of people and what we believe happens to them, in the spiritual dimension; but above all, we need to do this in a way that it could work, so, people could understand what we are talking about.

Anyhow we believe that this article is becoming too long, because usually we are going to add more, when we are editing them in the future. At this point of time, we aim to write just three articles that would be able to link to all our best religious articles, we believe that we would be able to do that, by pasting their links in these last three articles.

So, we are going to stop writing this second article, and we are going to explain the rest of the spiritual dimension, in our next post that we are going to call, God spiritual dimension.

May God help us to describe these religious articles?

May God bell us all?


God spiritual dimension


God spiritual dimension

Welcome to our article (100), God spiritual dimension

Dear readers, as we have already mentioned in our previous two spiritual articles, in this third article we are going to talk about, God spiritual dimension, to complete our set-up of the spiritual energies of the universe. We know that the discerptions in this third article, are going to be far away from the normal everyday religious beliefs. But you see, we are writing an imaginary new way of religious beliefs, which has the potential to overcome the religious problems that exist today. We know that our religious views are not what most religious people would like them to be, but they are our views of how religions could become one day, to help humanity in the future; so, let us go on writing what we should write.

Anyhow, here we are going to talk about the positive energies of the universe, that represent all existing Gods that the people believe in. We know that people would like to see God as a person, and one day we will come back to this and explain better our views, because at the moment we are really trying hard to write our religious theory, in the shortest way possible, so, we are going to try to say most of the remaining religious descriptions and explanations in this article, of God spiritual dimension if it is possible.

To start with, in order to shorten our religious writings, we have to assume that God is everything and is everywhere, and therefore God is part of everything that exists in the universe, but even this description is not clear, unless we break it down in such a way that we would be able to see how the spiritual this side would work.

So, let us talk only about the spiritual part of God of the universe; let us write about how God of the universe would fit within the life-forces energies of the universe, and how all these spiritual entities would work together under the guidance of God.

In order to do that we have to assume, that all the spiritual entities that we the people of this world believe in, they exist as such; but perhaps some of them could be a bit different from the main belief, since every one of us may see them in a different way; however, they all belong to the spiritual life-force energies of the universe, where God of the universe is at the centre of it, and guides everything according to his benevolent will, since all life energies pass through God spiritual life-force, and God distributes them in such a way that life can go on forever; we know that what we have just said is not easy to understand, so, we need to explain this issue how we believe this happens here under.

In my imagination as a seer, I can see that this could only exist, if there is a continuous flow of these spiritual life energies, and that God is the driving engine of the entire spiritual forces of the universe. So, starting from God these spiritual energies somehow move away from God and go around in the universe, but soon or later they return to God, and thus, they form a never-ending cycle of spiritual life energies. This is what we are trying to describe in this article, we want to describe the several ways how they could return to God central life force, to form a never-ending cycle of spiritual life energies of the universe. Since in this article we are aiming to write a very short version, we are not going to say a lot. But if you want to read more about this, there will be some links at the end of this article.  

Spiritual life cycle

Now, let us describe how this spiritual life cycle could work, here we need to assume that in a general way, all the spiritual life energies go around in a circle. So, let start from the central life energy of God, since God is the most important spiritual energy in the universe as a whole, and it can give life to every living thing. To start with, this one God life force by necessity needs to be divided in smaller Gods and other spiritual being, in order that life could exist, because life as we know it, could be a small part of these life energy, so to speak. Anyhow, from this central important spiritual energy, all other gods and spiritual beings are born, so, around this central life energy most of the important gods that people believe in exist, after these gods there are all sorts of angels and archangels, and as we move away from the centre the spiritual entities become small and less important.

Some of these life energies are needed to form life as we know it, at least this is what lots of people believe in; therefore, we will have to assume that it could be true. Now let us talk about ourselves; you see, we the people of this world would like to be immortal, for this reason, we need a soul that could be immortal, so that we could live forever. This sort of spiritual setup would work well for both ways and it could indeed exist. You see, we know that we exist and we know that spiritual beings exist, so, we are looking for a way, how all these things put together could work, and why they may need to be set in a certain way. Anyhow, here I am not saying that what I am writing is exactly right, we only assume that it could come close to the truth.

So, let us assume that we indeed have a soul, so, when we die, we believe that we go back from where we came from. Now, there are a lot of people in this world, so, when we die our souls go back to the spiritual side, so, there must be a flow of these spiritual energies, and they are not all going to the same place or direction, but here we need to give our readers some discerption about what we believe is happening. We believe that when we go back to God spiritual force, we go in different ways and very likely in different places, which would be hard even to mention a few here, since we want to write only a very short version of these spiritual life forces; therefore, we are only going to write about, those souls that happen to make the longest journey, before they return to the central life force of God of the universe.

Our souls long journey

As we have said, we are going to follow one of our soul longest journey, dear readers, in this imaginary soul journey, we are going to describe here the longest journey that our souls could take, in order to go back to God as positive life energies. But even though this is the longest soul journey, we need to do that in the shortest way possible, even though it is the longest journey, because we want our article to be short. So, let us start from God central life force: and describe this soul journey. 

From God central life force all spiritual forces begin, also our souls start from God spiritual force. Now, a simple soul journey starts from God, it goes through the major spiritual forces that we call gods as well, then it will go through the spiritual sit of government, move down through the angels’ circle and other circles, until it reaches the earth circle; where it will be born as a new human being. This human being lives on earth for many years and when it dies it return to the spiritual world, in the spiritual world it will take a place that the angels of God assign to it.

Now, in order to make it easy and also brief, we need to assume that the soul we are following, is a soul that has become very negative, and therefore, it cannot stop near the life force of God of the universe the same way it has come, but it must continue to travel the full circle away from God, and then return to God in a different form of positive energy, that is why this is the longest journey that a soul could take. But in the end it will not be a soul anymore, because it will become particles of life energies floating in the universe. 

So, this very negative soul, in our imaginary journey has to go through all the negative circles, and past the boundary of no return, then fall jump or be thrown in the abyss, where it will disintegrate; so, this soul is dead now and it is the end for this soul, except for those energies that are left from it.

This soul that is dead and has disintegrated has become now, a lot of the smallest existing spiritual energy that floats in the universe, these very small energies float around the universe and if they come close enough to the life force of God of the universe, God magnetic force will pull them in, and so, they can be recycled. This is one of the ways that the life energies of the universe could be recycled. Since we believe that the life forces energies of the universe form a never-ending cycle, it does many other things do as well; for us this is the only possible way for file and spirituality to go on forever.

I hope I have explained myself clear enough to make sense to our readers; as this forms a complete cycle. Of course, there is another version that describes the negative souls journey somewhere, so, we will paste some links here-under. That is all folks for the time being. But I have a lot more to add when I edit this article again.           

I hope that the life force of God of the universe, has guided me to say all these religious things the right way. Since this is our shortened version of our beliefs, which we have written to show the world, that it is possible to describe a religion that could overcome the problems in the world. Since this new way of religious beliefs could be used in the future.

This is all folks, see you next time, where we are writing man needs and God.

 May God bless us all?