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Nature of the universe and earth

Discussing about religions and the philosophy of religions

Man needs God, is going to be a study of the world religions and why man needs God; After or during our religious studies, we will try to suggest what could be done

In this page we are trying to describe the nature of the universe and earth, the spiritual part, and also the creation of mankind as we believe it could have happened. 

Nature of the Universe and earth

Souls, angels and planet earth

Welcome to our hub (66), Nature of the universe and earth

May God guide and help me to write these religious writings?

In this article we will be talking about the nature of the universe, and also, those spiritual things that are believed to exist and we are giving them an imaginary place in heaven; Souls, angels and planet earth; Nature of the universe; How God of the universe came into being; How God of the universe started life on earth; Mother Nature and Evolution are the servant of God. Starting with:

Souls, angels and planet earth

Dear readers, here we are still talking about the sixth circle positive, which is the last circle positive in our description of the spiritual forces of the universe that happen to be on God’s side, because on the other side of our planet earth the spiritual life forces of the universe will be described as negative forces, just because they have a negative tendency and also because they are moving away from God positive life force and they are becoming more and more negate.

Now, here we need to explain that in order to link our spiritual circles in a way that they make sense to our readers, in this new description of the spiritual life forces of the universe, we need to set them up in a certain order for everything to make sense, we also need to link them together as much as we can including some references, so, allow me to remind you dear readers that this hub that we are writing hereunder had also been written before that supernatural encounter took place: we have written about this supernatural encounter in hub then called, Angels greetings if you have not yet read it this is the link. We also would like to invite you to read that part written for our reader’s peace of mind, just because we don’t want to repeat it here.

Here we would have liked to go back to the main story, which we would like to talk about in this hub, which is souls, angels and planet earth and the nature of the universe and circle number seven; but since we are writing religious matters, it is only natural that we should pray God to help and guide us, so first of all I am praying God for guidance.


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Souls, angels and planet earth


Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying and hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, so that I would become clean and the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would be able to guide me; and therefore, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


Mother earth, circle 7

The seventh circle or place of our spiritual world in the universe is mother earth circle, which is the planet earth surrounded by lots of spiritual life forces forming a large circle around it. Planet earth including the circle that surrounds it is a bit different from the other spiritual circles, because the spiritual position of our planet earth is between these two spiritual forces, on one side we have the positive forces and then the negative forces on the opposite side, because it is placed at the boundary and between both circles, circle six positive and circle six negative; (Circle six negative can be also called circle eight counting from God central life force) here we may have to add that this is only a possible description of our imaginary spiritual world within the universe and we are going to say more about these spiritual circles later on, when we talk about the negative circles in the universe.

But now, since we are talking about spiritual things and religions and perhaps we will have to modify those existing religions in this process, because we believe that it would be for the future benefit of mankind as we have already said earlier; for this reason we believe that we better pray God to help us write the right things for our seventh circle of Mother Earth, so let us pray again,

Prayer for the seventh circle mother earth

Almighty Father, I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind, I am praying that you would forgive me all my life sins and purify me, so that I would become purified from my sins, and then I will be worthy to write about our planet earth, which is about us and your creation on earth. So Father, forgive me my sins and purify me. Then let my guardian angel suggest and help me to write only the right religious things when I write about mother earth and your created life that’s on this planet, and also the way that you set-up for us on how we should live our lives here on earth. I pray you Father to let me see through my mind eyes what I have to describe; let me feel it within my heart what I have to write: Father, hear my prayer, amen!

This is how I imagine within my mind what happens in circle No: 7;

There are souls of all sorts in this spiritual circle that surrounds earth and the most advanced souls, who happen to be the souls of us people, are praying God.

Prayer of the souls who are going to live on mother earth:

We who are the souls that are going to be send to live on earth, we all pray to God our Father to give us strength, so that we should be able to live our lives on earth according to his will, in such a way, that when the time comes for us to pass away and become spirits again, we should be ready and worthy to return to his kingdom as better and stronger souls.

We who are going to live on planet earth know that our earthly life will be a sort of trial, and when our time comes to pass way, then our life that we have lived on earth will seem only a dream, and if we compare our life on earth to eternity it will seem completely nothing. So we pray God our Father to grand us to live our life on earth in peace and prosperity, but above all let us live according to His will, so that at the end of our lives on earth we may return to him as better souls and earn eternal life.

This is how I imagine planet earth:

We are travelling within and in between the two combined circles number six in the universe, while we are travelling within the universe through this double combined circle, we travel with the company of God’s send angels, which dwell on the sixth circle positive side and move along with planet earth through the sign of the zodiac. The angels of God are those who help regulate God’s life-energy-units that are to be sent to earth, as I have said in circle six positive.

Earth has an invisible barrier around itself, which helps to isolate earth from the floating life energy of the universe, and this is from the positive and also the negative life energy, so that the life energy allowed to come to earth is regulated from the angles of God.

Within the barrier it’s where life exists as we know it on earth, and the most important life in God’s eyes is the human race. God the creator of everything takes great pride about us human beings, because we can think and reason and therefore we are a tiny bit like God Himself. Therefore God loves us so much that he has always tried to help us, in the hope that we would be able to understand Him and follow Him.

But most of the times up to the present time there have been times when we have failed to live according to his will and his expectations. So if nowadays we happen to live in a dreadful way it’s only our own fault, because God has tried to teach us his own good ways.

We who live on this planet earth are all God’s own children; there is no doubt about it since God is Our Father and the life force of the entire universe. You see since the very beginning of the world God has many times given us a tiny bit of His-life-energy, and in order to explain to you how I imagine it and what’s on my mind, and how we have been created from God’s life force, I am going to start from the very beginning when the universe was born, and to do this I have to stop for the moment writing about circle seven (mother-earth), and write about the nature of the universe, and at the end of that, and other necessary explanations we will complete our writings about circle 7 mother earth.


Nature of the universe

Describing the nature of the universe

Before we start writing about how the universe came into being, by using what is widely known and accepted in the world today and also by using our own imagination, I would like to pray to God Our Father to guide and help me to write what’s within the universe, since God is an integral part of the entire universe, and it is believed that God is the ruler of the whole universe. So let us just pray God our Father.

Opening Prayer

Almighty Father, I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind to forgive me all my life sins and purify me, since I know that I have to be clean and pure in my heart and my mind before I can ask and receive any help about anything, because only when I am pure and clean you would and could accept me and help me. So, Father first of all forgive me my sins, and then open my mind eyes to understand and see, and help me to write the right things in this article about the nature of universe and the links that link the life force of God within the Universe. Father, hear my prayer!

Nature of the universe

This is a general simplified and logic explanation of the universe, it does not want to tell anything new to the learned people, but it is trying to explain this to simple minded people, especially for those religious people that believe in anything at all, they have the right to know that there are some universal laws of existence that cannot be changed, so, let us explain:

The universal law of existence within the universe remains the same forever, and also the complete mass of the existing matter put together remains always the same, although there are countless elements existing within the universe.

But although the amount of matter of the complete mass does not change, it is possible for some elements within it to go through a process and transform themselves to another element or value.

Therefore one can safely say that within the universe: Nothing comes out of nothing, and nothing can be destroyed; since the existing elements can only be transformed to another element or value.

The general way that the matter of the universe behaves

Within the universe the masses of heavenly bodies behave in their own normal way, and the general law of the universe is that they spin around in many ways even the small particles could and would spin around within themselves. So most of the heavenly bodies spin around on their own axis and the smaller ones orbit around the larger ones, and they together orbit around some other centre of attraction, and this centre of attraction orbit around to some other centre of attraction. They all orbit around each other to a set speed that is equal to the centre of attraction pulling force, that is to say, that the force of attraction is equal to the force of speed of the body that pulls away from it: So that, a balance is thus reached and this will keep the universe running for ever as it is now, or perhaps for millions and millions of years still to come.

In order to simplify it let us just talk about our galaxy. Our galaxy is part of the whole universe as we all know, and the heavenly bodies in it behave just as we have described above. But as we all know, in our Milky Way galaxy there are other things in existence that we know of: Such as life, electrical energy, radio waves and other things; of these other things we will be talking about them later on, at the moment we want to say that in the other galaxies, because they can be bigger or smaller than our Milky Way Galaxy, also these things may be different, since their size and composition may be different.

Our Milky Way Galaxy

Now let us talk about our own galaxy. Within the Milky Way Galaxy which is our galaxy, there is a lot of electrical energy floating around, which may well be that in the beginning it came about because of the spinning of the heavenly bodies, or was it the other way around, and perhaps it was the existing energy itself that started to spin around the heavenly bodies in the first place: This is hard to know how it all came to be the way it is now. But it is a well known fact that electricity can be produced by a generator being turned by a turbine, or by a steam engine, or any other sort of motors: And in a reverse cycle electric energy is used to power electric motors, so it works both ways.

Anyhow the only point that I want to prove here is that there is electric energy throughout the galaxy, and it does not matter how it came about to be there in the beginning; and because of this energy there are also electromagnetic fields: and radiations of all sorts, gamma rays, infrared rays, different sorts of radio waves, ultraviolet light, visible light, X rays, and many other things including some that we don’t even know that they exist. All this floating electrical energy and everything else put together within our galaxy is being guided from a natural force that has always existed, but some of us believe that it is all guided from a supernatural force that might well be part of God, so we call this supernatural force God as we know it today.

Now, in our religious writings here this supernatural force is part of the energy itself, and this force we will be calling God of the Universe in our religious writings is part of this force as well. And now, it is about this supernatural force that we are trying to explain in these pages. So, we are asking ourselves, how God of the Universe came into being; which we will try to somehow explain it presently.


How God of the universe came into being

How God of the Universe came into being.

First of all we may have to admit to our readers that this is not the only possible explanation of how God came into being, because nobody knows and the world is still debating if God really exists, so, there may well be several other theories and explanations or suggestions, if God exists and how God came into being, as we can already see from the existing religions of today; but we have to choose one theory in order to explain what is going to follow and we are choosing one that is closer to our own understanding, this theory that we are choosing may even be compatible with the atheists views, because God is not just a person, but God is more like the life energies of the entire universe.

In the beginning after the big bang as the astronomers call it, everything was rushing out at enormous speed and there was chaos. Together with solid and gaseous matter, there were also lots and all sorts of free fields of energies everywhere in the universe, so this existing free magnetic energy started to influence slowly how the universe was formed.

In the beginning this energy influence did very little, but as the time went by and more definite magnetic fields were formed its influence grew, and for millions and millions of years it did just that, it kept growing.

And while this was going on, some of this free energy became crystallized in such a way that was able to influence more and more things within the universe, and a small part of it became so pure and specialized and crystallized in our galaxy that became our God of the Universe, whom by now had become a living force and was able to think and regulate the whole galaxy within the natural forces of the universe.

Before we say anything else here in our religious writings: we want to beg God of the Universe to forgive us if we got it wrong in any ways, but we hope that you understand and see our point of view, because this is the only way that we are able to explain it to ourselves, within our limited human knowledge, we need also to say that today we need to follow our own religious beliefs, as this is the only option open to us until we are able to accumulate more knowledge, as we know as more time passes more knowledge comes our way; Anyhow, we can only add here that God is the spiritual life force of the entire universe and we have to try to understand God’s ways.

Therefore, we hope that one day; if and when we are able to accumulate more knowledge, and we are able to become worthy enough in God’s eyes, only then God would help us understand every spiritual thing properly. We have also to believe that if we are good enough then God in his goodness love and mercy for us, God might send an angel to let us know how the whole thing really happened. But now, you have to understand that for the moment we can only comment about the way that we believe or imagine how these things might have come about. Anyhow let us move on and talk about how God of the universe started to create life on earth.



How God of the universe started life on earth

Here is our imaginary story of how God of the Universe started to create life on earth.

Dear readers, let us write this part here as real believers of God life force of the universe.

As we have already explained above in our own human way, that God of the Universe is pure life energy that has become crystallized and this life energy floats throughout the universe. In the beginning when the world was very young, the life force of God of the Universe was everywhere in our galaxy, and the spirit of God was everywhere to be found in our galaxy, and when God saw our blue planet earth He liked it and stopped by, so He started to think what He could do with this beautiful planet.

So in the beginning God was playing around with this beautiful planet earth, and while His pure spirit was hanging above the blue waters of the earth, He started to dream about of making planet earth a very special place for himself, God saw that the planet earth was spinning around on its axis, by regulating the planet earth to rotate on its axis once a day he created alternatively day and night, so that the whole earth could enjoy the light and the warmth of the sun during the day time, and would be dark and cool during the night time, but not so dark because the moon would reflect some of its light it received from the sun. Then God made some of the earth soil rise from the bottom of the sea and it became dry land, and God saw that all this was good.

Now that everything seemed so beautiful and tranquil on earth, Yahweh part of the spirit of God of the Universe was thinking that perhaps something alive like himself would be the right thing to have on earth: So God picked up a few simple molecule from mother earth, and by mixing these few simple elements with his knowledge, and also by binding them with some of His own life bearing energy He started the first few cells of life on earth, and these God made first simple cells, with the help of the sunlight and chemicals supplied from mother earth were capable to reproduce themselves, and this is how God started life on earth in the very beginning.

God improves his created life and helps create evolution.

As we have described above, that is how God started to create the first few cells of life on our planet earth, and after that He kept improving this new created life as He so fit, usually God would let his created life grow and evolve in its own time and ways, but every now and then He would make some changes to improve it: Having done that for several times God set up a pattern for Mother Nature and Evolution to copy, so after that He let Mother Nature and Evolution do His work, and He saw that His creation and Evolution would work well together.

Now in the beginning when God started the chain reaction of life, those few living cells on earth grew and multiplied very slowly, and God liked it to be that way. God did not mind how long life would take to evolve, since His own life has no end and He will live forever in our galaxy, and even if one day in the very distant future our galaxy would collapse, He would still live then in another dimension whatever that dimension would be.

In those very early times, Yahweh the spirit of God of the Universe liked to come down to earth often, because during that beautiful dawn of time everything was pure, just like how God Himself is which is pure life energy, and everything on earth then seemed like a beautiful dream in that very distant past, and while God spirit hovered all over the earth embracing mother earth as if it was His bride, He was everywhere over the water and on the land, and He loved it so much to be all over the earth because then everything was pure, because then it was the Era of innocence. He would watch his new created life take its time to evolve, while now and then He would check on its progress, and here and there God would influence a small part of it to transform itself to a higher standard of life, and He did this for a while several times, and in doing so He created mother-nature behaviour, which later on together with Evolution became able by themselves to improve live on earth.



Mother Nature and Evolution are the servant of God

We have to assume that Mother-nature and Evolution are the servants of God.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Evolution are the three inseparable things that support each other and life, and they are the servant of God, because it was through the life energy of God that these things were first made to happen, most people would think that they are only one single thing, because they always work together and help each other all the time and they definitely are keeping everything in order as it is supposed to be. But we human beings think of Mother Earth as the mass of solid matter which is our planet, even though this planet is able to supply us with the means that we need to live, Mother Nature is the way that every living thing behaves including people, and Evolution is the way that living things may be able to slowly modify and adapt to the environment that they happen to be in, and if the environment changes they are able to modify and adapt to the new environment.

Therefore, after Yahweh the spirit of God of the Universe had created the first few simple cells of life on earth and set a precedent about behaviours, He left Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Evolution in charge of His created life, and God let everything evolve in its own way, and this is how and why Evolution developed and became a leading force of the new created life.

So, the first simple cells of life while they were multiplying with time became more complex, this was happening because Mother Nature could not impose on them perfect reproduction of the species all the times, because of the environment factor small changes would happen, and those small changes would be tolerated when they happened, because those small changes could very well become an advantage for that particular specie. So the living cells started to diversify, and with the help of God as its guiding force, they became slowly the building blocks of all future life on earth. That is to say that God by using the evolution ways used those evolved blocks of life to create from them more living things, starting with small vegetable things like moss, and then sea weeds in the sea and grass on the land, and from them all sorts of vegetable and trees. At the same time some of those cells which had slowly muted to a stage to become like a simple animal cell, with the help of God some of them evolved to small insects and some to small fishes, and from small fish to large fish and from insect to small animals and then to large animals.

God lets Evolution do its work but intervenes to correct it.

During those early days of our planet earth when the world was young, then life was very different from nowadays, the vegetation was very much different also, and there were different animals living on earth too. All this evolution of life had happened because then the earth climate was different from the climate that we have nowadays.

One should imagine that because the earth was young and volcanic activity was much higher then, the earth crust would have been very rich of all sorts of mineral elements, and there was supposed to be also lots of moisture in the air and in the soil; this type of climate would have been ideal for any living creature to multiply easily, and with time to evolve or even modify themselves in order to take advantage of what was most easily available at the time.

This is how and why Evolution worked extra hard at that time together with Mother Nature. They worked together in such a way that any living thing could and would take advantage of the rich soil, and of all the different existing opportunities of the time. So, this evolution of life went on for a very long time, perhaps millions and millions of years, and as the time went by, life on earth gradually modified and large animals became plentiful: But when these large animals or any other sort of life became too many or too much, or in the eyes of God they were the wrong sort of life, then Yahweh the active life force of God of the Universe would send some natural disaster to cut their numbers down or to destroy some of the species completely, and then with time other species would evolve.

This sort of activity went on for millions and millions of years, and to make a long story short, this went on until our present Era had begun.

I believe that we have said enough in this hub, so I better stop writing now, but I would like to tell you that next hub, we are going to talk about the creation of mankind.




The creation of mankind

The origin and creation of life

Welcome to our hub (67), the creation of mankind

May God guide and help me write the right things?  

In this article we will be talking about, how the origin of life could have come about, its evolution and the creation of mankind and then back to our imaginary circle seventh our mother earth

In our last article we were talking about how God could have started to create life on earth; and that description was not exactly according to what the bible says, but it was a possible view of how life on earth could have started and this type of creation is more compatible with Darwin evolution views, so, even the atheists could accept it, as it bridges both sides, because at the same time this life was created with the help of God life energies and therefore God, and then, we followed how God, Mother Nature and evolution were working together to generate new life and keep the existing created life going on indefinitely, by doing that in a way we have paved the way of how God could continue to create new life, or how God would improve the life that he had already created; so, let us see what could be the next step in order to complete his creation ending with the creation of mankind

So now, let us continue to talk about God’s creation and then the creation of mankind, because everybody would like to know about what we think about the creation of mankind; so, here we are talking again about the most asked question in the whole world, the creation of mankind, because sometimes we find hard to believe that what is written in the Bible can be the real truth because it may not (in fact it does not) follow logic reasoning; anyhow we have our own views about the creation of mankind and we will be describing them soon hereunder. But first let me write something for the Bible believers who by now are thinking that we are moving too far away from the Bible creation and they feel like to stop reading our hubs, you see most believers read religious articles just to reassure themselves of their religious beliefs, so they don’t like much when they find something different.


For our readers' peace of mind

To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that religions would not be able to fight each other any longer, at least religiously in the future. Reconciliation of the Universe is a theory that might be able to achieve just that,


What we would like to achieve


We are going to set the stage for the entire world to see.

And whoever reads our writings might have to agree.

That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity;

In order to stay in touch with God-spiritual-life-force for eternity


Knowing that with these religious writings we are trying to change some of the existing religious understanding or beliefs, so that they would make sense and agree with a larger section of the community and perhaps even the atheists, who do not believe in God at all and knowing that it is not easy to write our religious theory, I believe that I need to pray God to help and guide me.


Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide me; So that, I would be able to write our religious writing and this hub of, the creation of mankind, as humanly as possible according to your will and in such a way that mankind could accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


The creation of mankind

Dear readers, even though I have prayed God several times, before I start talking about ‘The Creation of Mankind’ the way that I imagine it could be, I have to pray God again and hope that our theory is acceptable to Him, because what we have in mind to say is not exactly what is written in the Bible, or what most of the people believe at the present time. So what we are trying to say here is going to be a new way of religious thinking, or a new religious theory if you like that tries very hard to reconcile the old beliefs with this modern world, and this is what makes me feel concerned because our theory might be far away from the present accepted religious ways. So this is the reason why I go back to pray God to accept our religious theory and guide me in such a way that our theory could be acceptable to Him, and therefore one day also to the entire religious world. So let me just pray God:

Almighty Father, I pray you to forgive me all my life sins and make me clean of all impurities that may affect my soul, so that I would become worthy to write what I have to write in our religious theory, therefore I am praying you to help me and let me see through my mind eyes, what I need to write in this part of our religious writings called ‘The Creation of Mankind. Father, hear my prayer and help me.


Dear reader, after praying God I feel more confident, but at the same time before I say anything about what I am going to write next, I am praying God to forgive me if I got it wrong, since what we are going to say here might sound completely a different story compared to what is written in the Bible. But we have to do this in order to follow our logic human explanations of how things could have evolved and how man was created later on, we have to do that because we have to try to reconcile as much as possible God’s creation with Mother Nature and Evolution in order to make sense, otherwise it would be better to leave religious things as they are now, even knowing that they are not completely true.

So now let us talk about the creation of mankind, which may not have been a real creation at all as it seems to me that this present Era is the continuation of an earlier creation, therefore, there are reasons to believe that, ‘The Creation of Mankind’ may very likely have been a direct link to the beginning of time and creation, and that God in conjunction with Mother Nature and Evolution have worked hard to bring it about for a very long time, as it took millions and millions of earth years for life to reach its present advanced state, here I am talking about mankind the most advanced life of our planet earth, which happens to be us human beings that God seems to be interested in, or at least we believe that this is the case between God and us; you see it makes us feel good when we think that God is interested in us, because we are the best part of the spiritual God life force of the universe.


Anyhow, in order to continue our explanation, and in order to connect creation and evolution we have to tell you what we believe; You see we believe or guess that all this could have happened during the last 100,000 earth years or there about, that God of the Universe has really been interested very much about His own creation of life on earth, because one of the evolved species of His creation had become so advanced that they were able to start thinking for themselves, which is/was a very good thing indeed.

Having seen that there are so many living species on planet earth and some are very advanced, we may have to assume that in order to reconcile Evolution with Creation we need to come to a conclusion of how things could have happened, so, we believe that it may very likely be like this: Perhaps, after all God did not need to make Adam the first man on earth from a piece of dirt, because there were already so many animals around to choose from, and all God had to do was to improve one of the thinking animals, as this was the way that God used to work to improve his own created earthly life.

(Now, I suppose you can see the link that we believe exists between God and evolution.)

So, God selected one of the best unblemished males of those existing animals which looked almost like a man and improved him. By putting this selected animal to sleep and by using his power He changed this animal to a real man, God also gave this man a special soul when He blew on his face to wake him up, and God called this transformed animal who had now become man Adam. God might have used the same way to make Eve, in order to give Adam a wife; you see all the animals were male and female. But anyhow we might have to accept that God created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs, because it is written in the Bible, we never know what could be the truth. You see today scientists can create a new animal by crossing some of these animals’ cells.    

The rest of the story is all written in the Bible, how Adam and Eve failed to follow God’s instructions, and therefore they were banned from the Garden of Eden.

Dear reader: This is how we believe it could or should have been in the beginning, and we hope that we got it right: and if we are not right; then, I pray God to forgive me, because this is as far as I can imagine or see.

Having now explained our beliefs of how God and man are now linked together, let us go back to circle number 7 Mother earth and write what we believe has been left out. May God help me?


Circle 7 Mother earth

Let us go back to circle seven Mother Earth.

Let me say a short prayer before I start writing again our beliefs.

Our merciful Father I pray you to forgive me my sins and purify me and then help me to write our religious writings of circle 7 mother earth according to your will. Father, hear my prayer, amen.

Therefore now, let us go back to talk about circle number seven (Mother-earth); we have called this article back to mother earth, because what we are going to describe here is supposed to have happened here on earth and not in heaven, and in doing so we can complete our writings about circle 7( Mother earth). As we have already said, we have reasons to believe that God created Adam and Eve in a slightly different way that has been written in the Bible; I suppose I need to explain my beliefs here, but that is only my beliefs and I have no proof about that.

I believe that most of the other things that are said in the Bible to have happened in Genesis would or could be true, there would be some exceptions which we will try to explain somewhere else in our writings. However now let me go back to the moment when God created Adam, and I want to bring to the attention of our reader that God gave Adam a special soul when He gave Adam his breath, this is necessary to point out because this would be the difference between us and the rest of the animals; we have been given a special soul from God, while the rest of the animals have not.

As we have already said in our religious writings, that all life in the universe is part of God life-force and therefore it is part of God Himself. But when God created Adam this event was extra special, because God gave Adam His own breath, and so He gave Adam this extra bit of Himself, hoping that by doing so Adam would become perfect enough to follow Him (God), and do whatever God wanted him to do, but as we all know, it didn’t work that way, because of the intervention of the negative life-force of the universe in the form of a serpent, we don’t need to write here the story of Adam’s fall because as you all know, it has been written in the Bible and that is more than good enough for us to know it.

Now what we want to say here is the way that God has many times tried to improve our lives. Therefore, if we keep in mind the pattern of events of life in the universe since the beginning of time, as we have written above and how God started life and then improved it as the time went by, and this pattern of improvement is also evident in the Bible if we try to find it, since God always chooses the good people and helps them to survive; but helps to brings destruction to bad people, so that the human race that is left alive in the end may multiply and improve by such selection.

There is also another way of how God improves the human race, and this is when He causes special persons to be born; these special persons may just be great religious persons who will guide the people of their time back to God, or it may be just a very special person who has received a special gift from God, (Abraham) and this person would be able to starts a new race that would follow God and believe in God. In the Bible as you know there are children born from very old women, who rightly were believed that would never have any children: But because God did intervene and visited them and made them conceive, and so they gave birth to very special children. Now if you have followed the facts in the Bible, these special children were all very special as they had been perfected from God before they were born so to speak, and they did great things that normal people would never been able to do. Of course the most important of all these people is Jesus Christ our Lord, but he was born from a virgin young girl and not an old woman, and he has been the greatest man that ever existed, for behold what he did to improve all humanity.

Now what we want to make clear here is that since the beginning of the world, as we have written in these religious writings, God has many times definitely intervened to improve humanity, in the hope that we would become perfect beings, and so we would be able to understand him and follow him. But so far there are reasons to believe that we have partly failed him.

We have to do better in the future if we want to reach perfection, and also find the way to salvation. So it is also for this reason that we are writing our religious writings, in the hope that we would improve ourselves even if we do not reach perfection.

But now dear reader, in order to reach our goal, it is necessary here that we write about a few more necessary explanations which we are going to call: God of the Universe and the lifecycle of the universe, and other reasons which we have not been able to explain until now, you see we need to connect properly all the spiritual world.

Anyhow I feel that I have said already enough in this article, so, we are going to write about God of the universe and the fife cycle of the universe in our next hub, see you then.