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 We believe that man needs God because it has been so since the beginning of times. In these religious articles, we will be discussing how God and religions could be in the future. The reason for looking for the role of God and religions in the future is that we believe that religions could be about to change and need to change.

The sixth circle

The sixth circle negative

Welcome to our hub (70) the sixth circle negative.

May God guide and help me to write the right religious issues in this hub.

We have called this hub the sixth circle negative but could have been called “the eight circle as well” if we had continued to count from circle one of God positive side, we just would like to give a more important position to Mother Earth, since we live on earth and therefore it is our point of view, because we see everything from this point.

Dear readers, I suppose that by now you have become aware that we are trying to describe the spiritual life forces of the universe the way that we imagine them. We need to say here that in the beginning we thought that it could have been enough to describe the positive life forces of God; but now, it seems that it is not enough because we want a better and clear picture of these spiritual forces, so we are going to write about the negative life forces of the universe as well, and also this might not be enough, because we would like to show you how all the forces of the universe could form a cycle like most other things do in the universe, so that the spiritual life forces could go on forever.

We know for a fact that we are concerned to write about this negative e force, because it could affect the readers in a negative way, as there are no happy things to talk about, it may also produce some spiritual concerns that is how I see it at this present time.  

Therefore I believe that not only we need to continue to describe the negative life forces of the universe, but at the end of it, we need to describe how some of the negative forces could completely disintegrate and some of it become positive again, so that a complete cycle is completed. You see, we have become aware that we need to describe all the spiritual life forces of the universe, in the life cycle of the spiritual energies of the universe, in order to have a full picture of it all.

In order to make it easier for the readers to understand our theory, we have been able to make a sketch where it is easier to see how we believe God of the universe can be within the life forces of the whole universe. If you would like to see our sketch of God of the Universe, here is a link and follow the instructions how to get there. the sketches in this link are larger and have more details than the one shown in this page.


Some writing concerns

As you know, we have already written about the positive life forces circles, so now we have to talk about the negative life forces. Perhaps this may not be a very pleasing article to read overall, because of the negativity of this circle and the concerns that we might have to write and to read it, but it needs to be written anyhow, because that is the only way that we would be able to understand it.

Therefore at this point of time, because we want to write about the negative life forces, we need to pray God the Father for protection. We need also to learn how to handle these dangerous places, where the negative life forces of the universe dwells, so I have been thinking that I have to do everything in the name of God the Father, because God the Father is the greatest protection that we can all have. Therefore, in the name of God the father, I am writing this sixth circle negative; I must write this in God’s name, because it is the only way to be protected from the negative force of evil while we are in this circle, or any other negative circle that are going to be more negative than this one.

So, in this sixth circle negative first of all we will be talking about: The problems that we might encounter in this sixth circle negative; praying to God the Father for protection; Describing the sixth circle negative.

As we have already said above, this section can be called the eighth circle counting from the life force of God of the universe; or we can call the sixth circle negative counting from the abyss of the universe; which is at the other end of the spiritual universe (We will talk about the abyss when we reach the abyss) I know that what you are saying now is that I am imagining things and these things may not exist at all. My answer to that is; okay, you may be right, but so is everything else in religious circles they may exist or they may not exist, so let us assume that these spiritual things exist and our religious theory could be right and continue to describe it.

As I said, now that we have gone through and covered most of what we needed to say about the positive life forces of the universe; which was about God life force and all the angels and other positive forces: now, we ought to talk about the negative life forces of the universe; which is about the negative angels that some of us would call demons, therefore I am concerned to write about it because of the harmful things that might occur in this negative circle, so let me pray God to protect me, guide me and help me.


Prayer to God the Father

My prayers to God the Father

Dear readers, as you know I am concerned about writing the negative life forces of the universe; therefore, let me try to think of a prayer in order to ask God our Father to protect me from the forces of evil, while I am writing about the negative force of the universe. Another prayer for protection has already been written and the readers should read it in Reconciliation of the Universe new Era, this is the link; Reconciliation of the universe era

Now because, we will be talking about the sixth circle negative, I am going to pray God to protect and help me in this sixth negative circle. And you our readers you need to say also a prayer in order to be protected in this negative circle, even if you just say this; Almighty Father protect us from the force of evil. You see by saying a prayer to God you open a link with God’s life force and therefore God would be able to protect you.

Praying for the sixth circle negative

My Lord God with my personal concerns I am praying you with all my heart; in this prayer written here I’d like to call you by that name, which you gave to us when in your mercy you came down to earth to help the Israelites, because I don’t know of a better way on how to call on your Greatness. So: Yahweh (Jehovah) Father of all humanity and God of the Israelite; You who in the Bible have been so well described in greatness and deeds, to you I turn and to your grace and mercy I appeal:

To Yahweh our Heavenly Father I pray here with all my heart, my soul and my mind.

Almighty Father I pray you to protect me from the force of evil, just because I have to write in these religious writings here about the sixth circle negative. So I need your help to let me see through my mind eyes what I should write first of all, and then I need your protection to shield me from the forces of evil that would be in the sixth circle negative. So, Father I pray you to let me say to the forces of evil that you have allowed me to go there in your name, and also send me an angel that would protect me from the force of evil, while I am mentally visiting and writing about the negative life force of the universe, just in case the force of evil wants to harm me in any way. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father, hear my prayer and help me, amen.

I know dear readers that you are saying why I behave in such a strange way, as if everything is real and pray to God for help and protection: You see dear readers in spiritualty and religious beliefs one has to believe and behave just the way one believes things are or could be, and then follow the rules that apply to these religious things and pray if necessary. Anyhow now let us describe this sixth circle negative.


Describing the sixth circle negative

Let us describe the sixth circle negative as if we are really walking into this circle, even though we know that all these descriptions are imaginary, it is our mental description that we imagine we would be able to see if we were in the spiritual form and were really walking in there.

In going in the sixth circle I am saying this prayer aloud: I come in the name of God the Father and our lord Jesus Christ the Son, I come in the company of this angel that the Archangel Michael has given me to protect me and make sure that I would return safely to Mother Earth circle, at the end of my visit of the negative forces if the universe; therefore I am in the company of the guardian angel of God while I am visiting and writing about the negative life forces of the universe; I am saying this so that you know who has sent me, so allow me to see and report what I have to write.

In this negative circle beside earth there are lots of individual souls of negative life energy, there are also the negative angels of God, there is really a very large crowd of them, there are all sorts of souls big and small, it is to a certain extend like in circle six positive, except for the fact that these individual souls (bodies) of life energy and the angels have a negative tendency, and it is for this reason that they have been attached to the negative side, we are going to say a bit more about these souls before we end this hub, just to give the readers an idea who these souls might be.

It is believed that for the souls in this circle would be harder to return to live on planet earth, and if it happens that they are allowed to return, they might have to accept to live a life one degree lower than what they were worth the last time they lived on earth. This is God’s will, since God would like to give them another chance and see if some of them are able to return to the positive side.

But because these bodies of life energy are not pure and are negative, the angels of the negative force would not let them go to live another life on earth easily. The main reason of not letting them go to live on earth easily is that, they may continue to generate more negative force, and that would not be any good for the entire living world, since if too much negative energy builds up, it might bring trouble to the whole living world, and then it might even drive the living world of today to an early end.

But who are those souls you may ask? These are all sorts of souls of people that are not that bad at all, some of them could be from the good atheists group that happen to be there just because they did not believe in God, perhaps their souls are the most likely that will be offered another life on earth, so that they could live their lives according to God’s will.

But most of the souls happen to be in this negative circle because they were unlucky during their lives on earth, so, they seen to be miserable and unhappy, because they think that it was not their fault as they were driven to do a few things that don’t go according to God’s will and therefore they ended up in this circle.

All the souls in this circle are guided from the negative angels of God, who try to give them something to do, so that they may feel that they have not been forgotten altogether. Of course some of them hope that one day they may go back to live on earth again and have another chance to go up in the spirit world. Now that we have partly explained who these souls are or might be, let us try to explain who the negative force is/are.

The negative forces are all the souls put together, and this said negative force is guided from angels that have a negative tendency; those angels have to mind the negative souls and keep them in their assigned place. It is a job that God has assigned them to do, as they are now the keepers of the souls that end up in the negative life force of the universe, and therefore in this circle. And therefore in a way these negative angels do the same thing of what the angels of God positive life force do in their own circles, so, these negative angels are needed to do just that task.

Dear readers, let me go over once again about the set up of circle number six negative, mother earth and the sixth circle positive, you see one should really look at this group all together in order to see a more complete picture and make sense, as I could mentally imagine it, but it is very complex to explain, so I hope that somehow I would be able to say enough to make most of these things clear as we go on writing our religious theory.


Souls of the sixth circle negative

In order to populate this negative circle the right way, we have to imagine when people die and return to these circles, who the good souls are and move them in the positive circles, and also who the negative souls are that are going to stay in this circle or very likely down the other negative circles that are a lot worse than this circle.

By looking at the spirit world overall and the souls of people, there are a lot more negative souls than positive souls in the spirit world, therefore most souls when their bodies die come straight to this circle, the reason that the two sides are not even  is that the negative souls have an outflow, they will slowly find the way to the abyss and disintegrate, so there is more room for the souls in the negative circle than in the positive circles where they live forever for a start, you see it is hard to go in the positive circle for that matter and even harder to reach paradise.

But let us just imagine who these souls could be that definitely would end up in this circle and other circles below this one: they are all sorts of people that have done some bad things and have become negative, for one reason or another, they might not be that bad, but they are not good enough to be in the positive circles.

But let us talk about the most prominent bad souls that pass through here; they are the souls of those people that for one reason or another have harmed any individual being physically killing them, they would definitely be sent here to pass through here and move in the lower circles, as there is no joy for God of the universe for those people that have harmed his life, for this reason there will be no rewards for them, they will be dealt with according to their life deeds and be sent to the appropriate circle like prisons forever.

One has to keep in mind that this is just common sense that all human being should know during their lives, as one has to ask oneself, how could a mass murder or serial killer that has killed many people just for the joy of killing them go anywhere else except hell, where it will be dealt with the same harshness that it has inflicted on earth to other human being and in the end it will be destroyed, so that it will never hurt anybody again.

For this same reason this applies also to any leaders that have ordered to kill indiscriminately; just ask yourself how could Attila the scourge of God be sent anywhere else, his soul had to be sent here and moved down to the more strict circles immediately?

Attila - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Attila the Hun -

Here are some links to check Attila the Hun out 

 How could the soul of Joseph Stalin go anywhere else? He must have come through this circle to be sent to the lower circles, that is the only way that it could be, as he was a killer that ordered many people to be killed, he was also an atheist at the same time, and people were forced to be unbelievers under his rule, and no religion were allowed under his rule.

Joseph Stalin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


How could the soul of Hitler go to the positive side or paradise when he killed so many people in the Second World War and in a parallel way how could any other violent soul that has done something similar go to paradise? It is foolish to believe that people that harm humanity end up in paradise, as there is only one way for them; they have to go to the negative force and hell and be moved to the worst circles, until the time comes when they will go into the abyss and disintegrate. 

Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ,

Above is a link about Adolf Hitler

Here I know that perhaps I should really go on and populate and explain this negative circle a bit more, by telling you in more details who are those souls that are in this negative circle and who are the souls that come through this circle negative to be moved to the lower circles on arrival, but I am going to leave that for when I edit these pages many times in the future, perhaps here could be a list of the most violent and murderous people on earth, and some other explanations.

Anyhow I believe that I have said enough for this time, so, see you again in our next article, the fifth circle negative tormented souls.

May God bless us all and guide us to understand his will?


New hub, the fifth circle of tormented souls

The tormented souls

The fifth circle tormented souls

May God guide and help me to say the right religious things?

Welcome to our hub (71): The fifth circle tormented souls

This is the fifth circle negative, but we are calling it now “The fifth circle tormented souls”, just to give it a name that describe more about what is in this circle; now if you want to count from the central God life force of the universe at the beginning of our description of the spiritual forces, then this would be the 9th circle.

In order that you can protect yourself in this circle say a short prayer, even if you just pray by saying; Almighty Father protect me from the forces of evil, while my attention dowels  in this fifth circle negative.

You see today Just to make things easy and not write my prayer in full here, I have already prayed God for protection my own way, with one of those prayers that I have written in our previous articles; so, I hope you understand that it is necessary to pray for protection, while you are reading about these circles negative; I know what you are thinking or saying now; but this is only an invention of the writer mind, and these spiritual things may not exist at all, so, why we should worry and pray? You see, I have already explained and written other prayers for protection in some of our previous hubs, and this is one of the links; Reconciliation of the Universe

Okay, I completely admit that these religious writings are indeed an invention of my mind, and this circle is just another link of the chain that goes around and forms the cycle of the life energies of the universe; but what about if this invention of my mind has come to me just because I believe in God and pray God to help me, so, I have tried hard to understand this spiritual situation, and in doing so God has guided me and I have come across an indescribable field that holds the knowledge of the universe, and now I am trying to sort it out bit by bit the best way I can; of course this knowledge is all part of the life forces of God of the universe, and God bestows it to anyone he likes.

Now, because I have tried hard to understand this spiritual situation and prayed, I have somehow been able to tune in to some of this knowledge of the universe, and therefore, what I am saying may indeed exist. I hope you see my point of view here.

Anyhow in this hub we will be talking first of all about my own prayer for protection as: My prayer that I am praying while I mentally go into the fifth circle negative; This is how I mentally see the fifth circle negative; and, who could these people tormented souls be?



My prayer for the fifth circle negative

This is my own starting prayer for the fifth circle negative, even though I have said above that I have already prayed I still feel the need to pray again, because it worries me a fair bit to talk about these negative circles without praying for protection, and thus I pray:

To Yahweh our Heavenly Father I pray here with all my heart, my soul and my mind. I am praying our Father because I fear the force of evil in this fifth circle negative while I am mentally visiting it and then writing about it.

My prayer;

To you I turn praying Father Most High muster of the universe, I am praying you to protect me from the force of evil. Father while I am mentally visiting and then writing about this fifth circle negative I feel that I may be in danger because I am talking about the force of evil, so, I pay you to send me an angel to protect me; and also to protect my family and any readers that may read these negative hub circles.

Almighty Father I pray you to protect me from the force of evil while I am writing about the force of evil, because I am worried to write about the force of evil without your protection. I also need your help Father to let me see what’s right and what’s wrong to write in here. So Father let me see through my mind eyes what I should write in here, let me see and write it in such a way that I will not upset anyone, and that what I write here is as close to the truth as things could or would really be. I ask you Father to help and protect me in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father, hear my prayer!



Praying in entering the fifth circle negative

Before I enter the fifth circle negative let me just imagine what it could be like if in reality I had to walk from the sixth circle negative to the fifth circle and there was an entrance, what would at this immense entrance of Hell be written or said?

Come through me and go in the place of sorrow and pains forever, for those who enter here there is no way of return unless it is the express will of God of the universe and people come in his name.

I am pretty sure that something like this would be written at the entrance of Hell, in all sorts of languages; and there will be voices saying the same thing in all sorts of languages. Anyhow let us go in and visit this circle in the name of God, since we have to invoke God in order to be able to return to our own earth circle safely.

So, I am praying while I mentally go in the fifth circle negative

Because I have to mentally visit this fifth negative circle, I am praying God to protect me, so, I am praying thus:

In going in the fifth circle negative I am saying this prayer aloud: I come in the name of God the Father and our lord Jesus Christ the Son, I come in the company of this angel that the Archangel Michael has given me to protect me and make sure that I return safely to Mother Earth circle, at the end of my visit of the negative forces of the universe; therefore I am in the company of the guardian angel of God while I am visiting and writing about the negative life forces of the universe; I am saying this so that you know who has sent me, so allow me to see and then report what I have seen in writing.



The fifth circle negative

This is how I imagine the fifth circle negative:

This circle is what is known on earth as Hell. In this circle there are all the souls of those people that have lived their lives in a detestable way, or just unbelievers who even now they don’t believe in the existence of God, because if they did they might have been allowed to stay in circle six negative; anyhow all these souls in this circle are here to stay, they are not the worst souls because the worst souls have already been moved to the other lower circles.

Here you may guess that the souls like Attila, Stalin and Hitler have gone past this circle in a lower circle, because they are very negative and restless. 

The souls in circle fifth negative seem to be at the mercy of the evil forces, but the reality is that the negative angels are only doing their job, they are not doing anything that would increase the sufferance of these souls; the souls in this circle have no future except for a very few, because most of them will be staying here forever, or even worse they may even be moved to a more strict circle, they are tormented souls since they are not happy about themselves, the negative angels mind them and give them tasks to keep them busy, it seem as if they live under marshal laws, or like soldiers in the army. When some of them fail to follow what the negative angels have ordered them to do, they would be tormented and punished from the negative angels.

But you see, for these souls is not easy to do what they have to do, because of the negative energy within them, so, they usually behave the way they should not and become punished again and again, so we could not say that the negative angels are punishing them, just because they like to punish them, it is more like a reaction that cannot be avoided, because those souls need to be controlled.



Who are these souls?

Who could be these tormented people souls?

We need to say that there are so many sorts of these tormented souls in this negative circle that to make a full list of them is near impossible, but we will try to describe a few of them, hoping that the life force of God of the universe helps us see what we need to say about them.

So, let us start from the better ones; there are some souls that really should not be there at all, as they have lived their lives in a way that has helped humanity, but during their lives they have denied the existence of God, and even now they deny the existence of God, and not only they have denied God but they have tried to influence other people to believe the same way as they did, because they wanted those people to do not believe in God; we could describe these souls as the better people of the atheists group.

Next to them in a worse spot there are their friends atheists who not only have denied God, but they have also called God’s name in vane, calling God all sorts of names but now they are ashamed of themselves for having done that; and then there are the atheists that did not want to believe in God so that they could do all sorts of nasty deeds against humanity. Even murders were on their mind, as long as they satisfied their own wants. These are the worst of the worst of humanity that are in this circle, but most of them have already been moved out to the next circle, which is more strict and controlled.

Of course there are other souls that belong to other groups and to all sorts of religions, these souls have done nasty deeds during their lives, because they did not know better, as they had never learned about these spiritual things and therefore, they are in this circle of the painful and tormented souls. This circle stops short of having those souls that during their live have willingly killed other people, these sorts of souls are housed in the next circle and past next circle, where they are strictly watched from the negative angels and also punished when they don’t behave the way they are supposed to behave.

As we have said there are a lot of souls in this circle and one can go on telling about them for a very long time, if one wants to describe most of them properly. But I have no intention to do that at all; perhaps we may add a few more descriptions of the nasty souls that are in this circle next time when we edit this hub.

There could be a lot more to write here, but I do not dare to write it just now. You see my dear readers, even though I have prayed God for protection, I am still worried to write about this negative circle; therefore I am trying to keep it as short as I can. See you in our next hub, where we will be talking about, Circle four Hell tormented souls.

May God guide us to understand his will?